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Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats in Bellevue and Everett, WA

Take a second and get an eyeful of the thermostat that’s on your wall—how does it look? We’re not asking about the aesthetics, we meant this literally. Do you have one of those older, white analog thermostats? Or even a slider thermostat? The thermostats of today need to be digital as a mere minimum. Honestly speaking though, if you don’t have a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat in your home, you’re just not getting the control that you need.

At Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC we’re well-versed in smart homes and smart thermostats in particular. We like Google home thermostats and Alexa thermostats; both of these brands align with the quality that we believe in. If you want to make a necessary upgrade today, make sure that you get in touch with our professionals.

Call us for all your Wi-Fi and smart thermostat needs in Bellevue and Everett, WA.

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Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation

If you’re looking to dive into the world of a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat, then you’re probably a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of options at your fingertips. Smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are one of the latest and greatest things in the realm of HVAC. You’ve probably come across articles stating that these systems are so high tech and intuitive that they can be installed by an amateur. We want to make it clear right now that this isn’t the case.

Yes, smart thermostats are highly intuitive and easy to use. That doesn’t mean that you can sidestep professional service for these units though. If you need a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat installation, you’re going to want to schedule an appointment with us.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement

So, you’re ready to make a switch and replace your smart or Wi-Fi thermostat in your home—where can you begin? If you’ve had a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat in the past, you know that these systems are so much more than just on and off switches for your HVAC system. These thermostats command your cooling and heating and make your home an ideal place to be. This is why a replacement shouldn’t be done without the help of a pro like ours.

If you want a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat that’s going to do your home justice, just make sure that you’re coming to our team of professionals. Replacement services don’t have to be an ordeal when you’ve got the expertise of a professional in your corner.

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair

While smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are one of the latest and greatest things on the market, this doesn’t mean that they’re impervious to trouble. If you notice that your thermostat seems to be glaringly inaccurate, troublesome, or slow to start, then it might be time for repair work.

There are so many times where homeowners think that a thermostat is just the symptom of an AC or heating issue rather than the source of the problem. Don’t fall into this trap. If you need a little smart or Wi-Fi thermostat repair work, just make sure that you contact our team of professionals. We’re going to make sure that we knock out the problem fast.

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