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HVAC & Electrical Contractor in Sammamish

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So you’re looking for an HVAC or electrical contractor in Sammamish, and you don’t know who to turn to. You should come to the professionals here at Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC. We provide the full range of services for your home. We mean it when we say that we can provide you with absolutely everything that you need to keep your home in great shape. We install, replace, repair, and maintain just about everything that you could possibly look for. We employ "The Evergreen Difference" in all our work. This means that we’re going to give you transparent, humble, enduring, and responsive service.

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Heating Services

What could be more important than your heating services in Sammamish? We live in Washington after all. We know that you know how cold and rainy it is here during the winter. If you’re struggling to get warm, you’re going to need our professional heating services. We can help you find the right heater and install it, replace your old heater, maintain your current heater, and even repair your heater when it needs a little extra care.

Air Conditioning Services

Just because we live in a climate that focuses on heating services doesn’t mean that you can neglect your air conditioning services. Are you looking for the right installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement work? Make sure that you’re looking to the professionals on our team. We’re skilled and work on a variety of AC systems like central air conditioners, heat pumps, and even ductless systems. We’re going to make sure that you have the best service possible in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is often that missing piece in a home. If you’re battling with temperature control, respiratory issues, or greater home comfort struggles, then you’re going to need IAQ work. We know that indoor air quality work is often confusing. We can help you find the right indoor air quality system for your home’s particular needs. We’ve got everything from air filters, air purifiers, HRV and ERV systems, and even humidifiers too.

Electrical Services in Sammamish

Are you looking for the right electrical services here in Sammamish? You can find them with the help of our professionals. We know that electrical services are hard to find. You don’t just want any electrical services; you want electrical services that are going to keep your home comfortable and safe. That’s why we work on everything from whole house generators and attic fans to carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Call us for the work you need.

Whole Home Generators

It’s important to stay safe in your home. That’s why you need to expect the unexpected. You want to have a whole home generator for this purpose. Sometimes, there are going to be outages that you just can’t expect. That’s where a whole home generator comes in. If you have certain things that you don’t want to go out during an outage, you’re going to need a generator. These kick in seamlessly and save you a lot of grief.

Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC

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