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How HVAC Services Affect Your Warranty

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We get a lot of questions surrounding a home’s HVAC warranty and how certain services affect this. Your new heating or air conditioning system comes with a limited warranty. Past this, you might even purchase a warranty from an HVAC contractor. Today though, we’d like to discuss why HVAC warranties are important, what could put your warranty in jeopardy, and how maintenance helps.

If you’re concerned with your air conditioning or heating in Bellevue, WA, we’re going to help you maintain your warranty. We understand all the nuances of heating services. We install, repair, replace, and maintain a variety of systems. Contact us if you need quality work and keep reading to find out more about your warranty…

How Do HVAC Services Affect a Warranty?

This is a question we hear often from our customers. A lot of you out there are worried about maintaining a warranty. We speak to a lot of homeowners in the past who have accidentally voided a warranty. Here are some things you should avoid if you’d like to keep your warranty intact:

  • Improperly Install Equipment: The name of the game when you’re trying not to void a warranty is professional installation. Improperly installed equipment is the biggest offender when it comes to this. Don’t go through the effort of buying a great HVAC system just to void the warranty with bad installation services.
  • Skip Maintenance: Maintenance is the proper way to keep your home’s HVAC system in great shape. Neglected equipment is meeting the minimum needs of a warranty. Make sure that you’re getting annual check-ups from a professional that you can trust. If you’re interested in maintenance, we have a great plan on our team. Contact us to learn more.
  • Replacement Parts from Another Company: The company that manufactured your HVAC system can’t vouch for parts coming from other companies. Don’t choose a lesser part from a low-quality brand. Make sure you’re keeping things high-quality.

Make sure you stay diligent in maintaining your home’s HVAC systems.

Why Are Warranties Important?

We’ve talked extensively about how to keep a warranty intact, but now we think it’s important to discuss why warranties are important in the first place.

Warranties are so important because they’re there in case something goes wrong. Imagine investing a substantial chunk of money in your HVAC system, having it installed in your home, and then having an unexpected problem and having to shovel more money into a system that’s relatively new. Warranty prevents this.

We meet many a homeowner who just brush off the importance of a warranty. Warranties cover certain repair needs, replacement of major parts, faulty equipment, etc. This isn’t something you should scoff at. It’s going to keep you comfortable when you need it most.

Professional service makes all the difference. We’ve said it in our blogs before, but it’s something that we need to reiterate. Don’t side-step this. You can contact our helpful professionals to discuss this if you’d like to know more about our services.

Contact Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC today to schedule an appointment with our team members.

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