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Serving King County and Snohomish County


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Don’t Ignore that Lingering Heating Issue

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.

You thought you laid that heating issue to bed last year. You gave it about 6 months of rest, so it should’ve gone away, right? But then the temperatures cooled down this fall, you turned on your heater hoping for the best, and it was still there. You don’t know what to do. It’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

We’re here to provide you with heating repair in Bellevue, WA. We want you to know that we’re here for you. You don’t want a heating repair problem in Washington. You can’t sidestep problems like this. You’re going to need to address your problems head-on and we’re going to be here to help you.

Call Us When…

Make sure that you get in contact our professionals when you notice these problems:

1.      Low Airflow

Do you feel like you need to run your heater all day long to get the warmth you need? You really shouldn’t have to run your heater for such a long while to get the comfort that you’re looking for. We would consider this “low” or “poor airflow.” If you have low airflow in your home, your energy bills are going to suffer.

2.      Cool Air

Have you noticed that it takes more for you to get your home warm these days? Yes, it’s cooling off, but you shouldn’t have to put your air conditioner into overdrive to get the service you want. The problem that you’re having might stem from issues with cool air. We’re going to make sure to resolve this issue for you.

3.      Funky Scents

Sometimes, your home’s heater is going to emit some foul odors. This means that you need to contact a professional. This is especially true if you have a gas furnace in your home. Foul odors can be a potentially dangerous issue.

4.      Odd Sounds

Have you noticed that you hear some odd sounds in your home when you run your heater? Your heater might give off some banging, rattling, scraping, or squeaking sounds. These need to be addressed as soon as possible.

5.      High Energy Bills

Have your home’s energy bills increased without a clear cause? This means that you’re paying for inefficiency rather than for your heating services. Don’t waste your home energy, your personal time, or your money. We’re going to help you out.

6.      Irregular Cycling

Has your home’s heater stopped running in the cycles that you’re used to this winter? If you’ve noticed that your heater is running in extremely long cycles or even short, choppy cycles then it’s time for you to call our team members. Irregular cycles are an efficiency problem.

7.      Disorderly Conduct

Does your heater seem defiant? If you can’t get your home’s air conditioner to work the way you want it to, you need to get in contact with our professionals. We’re the only ones who can really help you get the control you’re looking for when it comes to your heater. You deserve great heating service.

Contact Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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