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The Cost of Proper HVAC Work

Today, we’d like to have a frank discussion about HVAC work. How is your HVAC system fairing during this point in the year? If your HVAC system wasn’t prepared for winter conditions, it might start crumbling under the pressure of winter weather. This is where the experts on our team can step in to help you out.

You know what it’s like to call a professional for HVAC work, but do you know the proper cost of repair, replacement, or even maintenance work? Lots of homeowners don’t. After all, this isn’t something that you’re having performed that often. We’re here to give you a guide today. We’re the experts concerning everything HVAC in Bellevue, WA.


We’re going to start with maintenance because this should be the first service you call for chronologically. When spring or fall rolls around, you should be picking up the phone or heading over to your computer to schedule an appointment.

Maintenance helps your heating and air conditioning system work well, cost you less, and last much longer. Maintenance is an investment into your home comfort. If you’re not doing this twice a year, then you’re just not maintaining your system well.  

How Much Should It Cost?

Maintenance should be around the ballpark of $10-$20 a month. The price really depends on the benefits of the plan and what it’s going to do for your system. We have a prepaid maintenance plan that you can inquire about today.


Repair can be difficult for the average homeowner because it happens when you’re least expecting it. It also happens most often during the high impact times of the year like winter and summer. If you need repair, it’s always best not to dwell. Waiting on repair work can impact the overall cost of your repair work.

How Much Should It Cost?

This answer doesn’t have a concrete price range. The price of your repair work depends on your specific repair need, the severity of your repair need (why you shouldn’t wait!), and sometimes the age of your system. If you have a big part of your air conditioner that needs to be repaired on an old system that’s been waiting to see service for months, you’re probably going to be spending a decent chunk of change on your repair work.


Replacement is by far the most intense and expensive type of work that you’re going to need for your home’s HVAC system. Replacement takes a lot of work because you’re removing an old system and often making changes to accommodate a new HVAC system. Replacing your home’s heater or air conditioner is the most expensive service out of the three mentioned here, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

How Much Should It Cost?

Replacement is more than likely going to cost you a few thousand dollars. It depends on if you’re replacing your air conditioner, heater, and what you’re upgrading to. We’re going to help you make the most of your replacement.

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