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Better Late Than Never: You Can Still Maintain Your Heater

So, we’re full swing into the winter season. We’ve already shivered our way through some of our coldest days in Bellevue, WA but there’s no doubt that there are many more to come. Are you ready?

We’re not talking about how much firewood you have for those cozy nights in and we’re not talking about all the throw blankets you’ve accumulated this winter. We’re talking about the culmination of heating in your home—your heating system. If you haven’t taken the time to maintain your heater already, then we’d encourage you to call for heating maintenance in Bellevue, WA today.

Nope, It’s Really Not Too Late

If you know anything about maintenance, then you know that you’re “supposed” to call for heater maintenance during the fall.

Now, we won’t lie to you—this is definitely ideal. We even encourage the homeowners we work with the do this. This doesn’t mean that this is the only time that you can do this though. If fall sped right by you and left with whiplash, we completely understand. We know that you’re already using your heater, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from a little maintenance. We’re here to help you out with this. You can contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Why You Should Call for Maintenance

Now, before you make the move to schedule an appointment, you might wonder why you should schedule an appointment for maintenance. What are the benefits? Here are a few:

  • Better Heating: Your number one goal is staying warm. We understand this and that’s why we recommend maintenance. Maintenance is like taking your heater to the doctor for a check-up and a physical. Our heating technicians act as the physician in this scenario. We take a closer look at the inner workings of your system to ensure that your heater is ready for the winter.
  • Longer Lifespan: Your heater is expected to last around 10-15 years. The thing about this is that this won’t happen unless you’re treating your home’s heater right. Having maintenance performed annually means that you’re increasing the chances of your heater having a long successful operational life.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Your energy bills will lower the better you maintain your home’s heating bill. This is because an energy-efficient heating system is high-functioning. You’re not wasting any money trying to work with an inefficient system. Lower energy bills will help you save money long-term. Maintenance is an investment that will help your home.

When you decide to call our professionals for maintenance, you should take the extra time to ask our professionals about our maintenance plan. We want our homeowners to take care of their system long term, but we also understand that this probably isn’t the number one slot in your mind. That’s why we have a plan you can enroll in to take care of everything. We’ll even call to remind you.  

Contact Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC. We’re here to help you with your heating.

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