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Is Your Home Ready for Warm Weather?

We’re moving into the spring season. Is your home ready for the warm weather that’s ahead of us? This is a question that you should really give some attention before the weather gets any warmer. You want to make sure that you’re prepared before spring. The problem with waiting on any of your HVAC work is that it only creates greater opportunity for your home to have significant air conditioning issues.

If you’re wondering how you can get prepared, our professionals can give you some insight. The best thing you can do is to invest in maintenance. We’re here to help you with your home’s air conditioning services.

Your Home Isn’t Ready

Here are some signs that your home isn’t ready for the warm weather that’s ahead. It’s already been warm on and off here in Bellevue. You’ve probably turned on your air conditioner at least once already. Have you noticed any of the following things?

You’re not cool enough. You’re struggling to get cool even in the mild temperatures that come along with spring. This is a problem that only worsens with time.

Your energy bills are higher than usual. Your energy bills are high although you’re not even using your air conditioner that often.

You’re noticing new behaviors. You’re noticing that your air conditioner is making some odd sounds. You might even notice that some odd smells are wafting from your system too.

Prompt and proactive service is best for your air conditioner.

How Maintenance Helps You

HVAC professionals often talk about how maintenance benefits you in the long run, but they don’t often explain how. We’re here to break it down for you today. If we had to put it in the shortest terms possible, regular maintenance benefits you because it keeps your HVAC system healthy. It lowers costs, improves your output, and even helps your air conditioner last longer.

Lower Costs

If you read through our blogs, you’ll know that an efficient HVAC system is an HVAC system that costs you less. This is something that we’d like to reiterate today, though. Your HVAC system is going to cost you much more if it’s battling against inefficiency all while trying to cool your home. An air conditioner that’s primed is always going to cost you less.

Improved Output

An air conditioner that’s primed is also going to provide you with better service. When we’re talking about output, we’re talking about the power coming from your home’s air conditioner. You’re going to get even cooler with less effort.

Long Lasting

You buy your air conditioner expecting it to last for quite a while. Most air conditioners last about 10-15 years. While this is the average lifespan, it’s not a lifespan that’s easily achievable without the right service. Long-lasting service is a byproduct of great care. If you’d like to get better air conditioning service for the foreseeable future, you should contact our team members for maintenance work.

Contact Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC today to schedule an appointment with our team members for your air conditioning maintenance in Bellevue, WA.

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