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Why Choose Evergreen?

  1. Our design process is driven by your input.
  2. Quality control through walk-throughs and permit inspections.
  3. 10 year parts & labor warranty available.

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“Their craftsmanship is a work of art. The pipes, wiring, etc. Neat and clean! You won’t regret having the team to help with your HVAC needs."

- Stephen S.,

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HVAC and Electrical Services in Bellevue and Everett, WA

There’s nothing more important than finding the right services here in Bellevue and Everett, WA.

We believe in ‘The Evergreen Difference’ of transparency, humility, responsiveness and enduring work.  We would love to have an opportunity to show you.  Please call us for your home service’s needs

Russ Kimball, Owner / General Manager

Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC

It’s more important WHO installs your system than WHAT brand you choose.

We do it all: installations, repairs, and maintenance.


We know that Washington isn’t the first state you picture when you think of warm weather, but you live here, so you know that your air conditioning needs are pretty substantial. We’re going to provide you with fantastic work whether it’s installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement work. Learn more about our professionals today.

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Cooling at Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC


Heating is our main focus here in Washington for a good reason. It is rainy, continually cold, and there’s a fairly good chance that you might catch yourself in a bit of wind, too. You want to have a safe place from all this, and it should be your home. We can perform any work you need.

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Heating at Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC

Indoor air Quality

Indoor air quality is just as important as the heating and cooling aspects of your home. We find that homeowners overlook this part of their home comfort and just think they can skate along with temperature control systems. The truth is though, if you want an efficient and healthy home, you need quality IAQ too.

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Indoor Air Quality at Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC


Your electrical work is important for your home. It’s the backbone of the majority of the things that you use on a daily basis, after all, we live in a digital age. If you’re looking for quality electrical services, just make sure that you come to our professionals. We’ll keep your home working and keep it safe.

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Electrical at Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC


You’re going to need quality maintenance work for all the systems and services that we mentioned above. Maintenance is an essential service that invests into your home comfort. You’re going to need to stay up to date on your home maintenance to ensure that you have the best comfort possible. We’ve got your back whenever you need us.

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Maintenance at Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC

Protect Your System

Whether you are buying a new system, or are having us perform repairs on your existing system, we have a plan for better comfort and peace of mind.

  • Peace of mind & comfort during winter cold & and summer heat
  • Lower utility costs (gas and/or electricity)
  • Longer system life
  • Fewer repairs & system downtime
  • Quieter & smoother system operation
  • Ask us about the money back guarantee!